Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Episode 5: Real Life is a Pretty Good Game

Nevill forgot to wash his clothes so he could not make it again this week, so alas we continued to talk about the video games specifically whats happening in Dota 2 this week, so international qualifiers, pyrion flax announcer pack and such. following that we discussed what we played this week which only included Dota 2, Game Dev Tycoon, Reus & GeoGuessr. We end on our 3 favorite maps from multiplayer games, overall not a bad episode 8/10 not Wrex.

Recorded 21/05/2013

also please note i stuffed up the editing so the music goes over the start of the conversation for a bit and there is a 10s silence, sorry about that i won't be able to fix it...

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