Monday, 6 May 2013

Episode 3: Are Video Games Art?

We return just a mere week later fresh with an introduction to NRC196 as well as what we have been playing where while nevill and nib have been not playing anything noteworthy we discuss Soulcalibur V, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, more stories from Dota 2 and fez which sparks a passion filled discussion on whether video games are art where we cite examples such as Super Meat Boy, Mass Effect and The Walking Dead. we end with a bit of news relating to Elder Titan, Kaipi, GTA V and Valve Games on Linux...

The interlude music this week is the chapter 3 cutscene score from SMB

Recorded 6/5/13

Referenced Videos and Articles

Super Meat Boy Commentary:

Fez Review:
Theme music and more...


  1. can you make them like half this length pls in future

  2. Interesting debate... I was interested in the comment that games are not art because you can win it... Which suggests that because it is interactive it's not art.

    But art these days IS interactive. I'm thinking of things like House of Dreams which was part of PIAF this year.

    Not that I think Super Meat Boy is particularly artistic... but then again I don't think giving birth in an art gallery = performance art necessarily either...